Construction project stage 1

  • Assess the project for underlying H&S risks and compile the project risk profile.

  • Compile the construction project H&S brief, scope of work and agreed H&S services.

  • Enter into a formal Agreement between the client and the CHSA.

  • Input with preliminary surveys, site inspections, inherent hazards e.g. asbestos, physical and chemical stressors inherent to existing buildings, geo technical investigations, etc.

  • Co-ordinate the inputs from specialists in the fields of health & safety where necessary.

Construction project stages 2 and 3

  • Undertake a preliminary assessment of the project H&S risks and compile a draft baseline risk assessment.

  • Co-ordinate the inputs from the various designers wrt design related hazards, the elimination and/or substitution of these hazards, or the minimization of the hazards to acceptable levels.

  • Assist designers with their ‘safe design reports’.

  • The drafting of a set of health & safety specifications specific to the construction project in question.

  • Inputs with early works health & safety management e.g. geo technical investigations, buildings inspections, early strip outs for investigations of structural conditions, and the like.

  • Assistance with health & safety costings and contractor health & safety competence and resources necessary to undertake the work in question.

Construction project stage 4

  • Finalize the baseline risk assessment  and project specific health & safety specifications document.

  • Involvement with the tender evaluation and adjudication process i.e. H&S costs allowed for, H&S competencies provided for, adequate H&S resources.

  • Inclusion of the safe design reports in the tenders.

  • The co-ordination of the construction H&S work permit application process and the collection of the relevant documentation in preparation of the permit application pack.

  • Co-ordination of the relevant health & safety documentation to authorities.

Construction project stage 5

  • The assessment, comment, discussions and negotiations, and the final approval of the principal contractor’s health & safety plan and supporting primary H&S compliance documentation.

  • The notification of the Dept. of Labor of the intention to commence construction work – to be submitted at least 7 days prior to commencement of work.

  • The application for the construction H&S work permit – specific to work permit contracts as per the requirements of Construction Regulation 3.  To be applied for at least 30 days prior to the commencement of work.

  • Acceptance of the P/Contractor’s health & safety management system and documentation filing system on site.

  • Monitoring the implementation of the H&S plan and management system on site.

  • Conducting systems audits, site inspections, document verification, and the like.

  • Compiling audit and inspection reports setting out H&S findings, and detailing the corrective actions to be undertaken by the Contractors.

  • Assistance with design change health & safety inputs.

  • Stopping work activities where required and the associated documentation therewith.

  • Incident and injury investigation oversight and assistance as per the requirements of the Construction Regulations.

Construction project stage 6

  • Defects and liability stage inputs where construction activities are undertaken: audits, inspections, and reporting thereon.

  • Assistance with the consolidated construction stage health & safety files.

  • Inputs during the finalization of operations and maintenance documentation and reporting to the owner/user.

  • Final site inspection and close out report.