E&A also offers asbestos inventory assessments in terms of the Asbestos Regulations


In preparation of demolition works and with respect to inhabited buildings.  Marius Eppenberger (managing member) has an undergraduate degree in environmental health which includes a detailed knowledge of industrial hygiene which includes asbestos, silica exposure, noise, exposure to fumes and vapors, and the like.  The Asbestos Regulations requires that regular assessments of asbestos containing materials be carried out by the owner and that such reports are made available on request to an inspector or other interested party.


E&A runs customized information sessions to assist construction role players i.e. designers, project managers, contractors, and quantity surveyors with the interpretation of their duties and responsibilities in terms of the current legislation.


With Andre Burger (managing member) having been a senior inspector at the Department of Labor, E&A harbors an in-depth and detailed understanding of health & safety legislation across all industry sectors and offers such advice to the market including a specialist witness service during legal proceedings.  Andre has also been involved in numerous incident investigations while at the Dept. of Labor and thereafter and is a specialist in incident scene evidence collection and scene management, as well as incident investigations, reporting, route cause analysis, and advice on legal proceedings thereafter.


Tiaan Botes has a Btech Degree in Environmental Management which allows E&A to offer environmental monitoring and management service to the industry.